November was an interesting month and I was looking to fill my portfolio of domains with a few more. First I post a request on NamePros, the suggestions were of poor quality, but after about a week I came across the domain. Second I looked at expired domains …. and after a long search that took me 2-3 days, I found the domain name. 

By the end of the month, one night after work, I decided that I needed only one more domain name till the end of this year,  so I had decided that after the lyrical deviation with .io and .net it was time to go back to .com.

About .com I had several criteria to look for. Firstly, to be short up to 10 letters, to be over 10 years old, and to be an industry or niche with a high growth in the past year. I could search for such a domain in many places, but I decided to open GoDaddy closeout, I did not want to miss something nice and cheap. An hour later I found … I liked the name, but that was not enough, so I went for a quick G search for more information about the wine in the cans. There was plenty of information about the producers, consumers, production regions and, most importantly, the producers of the cans.

The information was very interesting. This niche occupied less than 1% of the wine industry, but only for the last 1 year had sales growth of 43%…. the domain name is 12 years old and covers all my requirements.  I bought it

The .com is for sale and the asking price is in the high segment of $ xx xxx, so why not? Also, many other extensions are working websites and there are a lot of companies conducting such surveys and .Net was not a bad choice … and again the pharma and medical industry is a billion dollar with many potential buyers.

Since my main activity is in the field of transport and logistics, I can say that working clothes occupy much of our daily life …. think construction, transport, medicine, culinary and so on. .io gives, even more, to act, think wearable technology, there are already many of them helping to improve the safety and productivity of workers … it would be a great online store for high-quality products.

I’m a great fan of wine, even my grandparents were growing grapes and making wine, and even thinking: I should start one day and I do it, that’s a thought that does not give me peace for a very long time.

Wine production in cans has doubled its sales for the past year and is now a niche for $ 50,000,000 a year. The cans are of a different size 350ml 250ml and the main users are millennials. The wine can be taken in all kinds of places, picnic, party or some other events and a can are equal to 2 to 3 glass. The cans themselves are recycled more easily than a glass bottle, and the products in aluminum cans have a longer shelf life, so it’s a good buy in my opinion.

What’re your thoughts?


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