Joe Uddeme Brokered and another 5 domains sold last week that caught my attention

A super premium two-letter domain was sold last week by Joe Uddeme ( ). According to the latest information, is now owned by a Chinese investor.  This rare asset brings to his past owner $ 700,000.

The domain has even been proposed to the clothing brand Michael Kors, which would be a great move and upgrade for them, of course, if they had not missed this opportunity, I do not think that for such a big brand the money was a problem and the reason why they missed this opportunity keeps astonishing me.

2. sold by Lumis on 04/11/2018 for $80 000 – in my opinion, this is a fantastic sale.

3. TopMall sold via Godaddy for $20 050

4. Another “Top” domain sold via Flippa is for $14 588

5. is sold below the current market price for 3 letter .com for just $16 000 at Sedo

6. I’m not a big fan of .io, but this sale makes me happy because I recently acquired

These are officially announced sales and can be found at Namebio


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