Top ten and more domains sold in October 3 years ago.

By the end of October, it became absolutely clear how beneficial the month has turned out to be to all the owners running websites featuring .com domain extension. We just cannot neglect that the last thirty days have been the ultimate money-maker for so many of the website’s owners. Besides, the traffic their websites have achieved is another blow-minding fact.

We will start off by focusing our attention on some of the highly-ranked domains that didn’t stop selling well during October 2015. The overall income that the following domains having .com extension has brought to their owners is absolutely beyond anyone’s expectations!

Now that October 2015 is behind us, we can’t wait to see the sale tables that the next month will probably bring us as well. Perhaps there would be even a greater rise in the sales, who knows!

Meet the winners that topped the October’s charts for sales

Sold for $ 250, 000, we can’t imagine how satisfied and glad the owner of Essential. com is. Where was it sold last month? Easy and simple – at the Mediaoptions.

Preceded by the big winner Essential. com, the top domain was sold for $142, 000. Where? At NameJet.

Another top domain sold for $100,000 at Sedo.

Sold for $44, 317 at NameJet,  it is one of the highly-ranked domains holding the 7th position on the past month’s sales chart.

The sum of money for which it was sold at NameJet was $39,900. As you can see for yourself, many of the top domains from the last thirty days were sold at NameJet.

Ranked number 16 on the October’s sales chart, didn’t fail to prove that it deserves to be there on the top sales tables; it was sold for about $20,101 last month as the place is always the same: NameJet.

Another top domain which made it to the 13th position on the chart. It was sold for 29,377. Where? At NameJet, of course.

As we are talking about all of the highly-ranked domains on the last month’s sales chart, you can see that the more we go through them, the lower the sales prices are., for example, was sold for $20,000 at Sedo.

Last but one comes the which was ranked the 12th.  It was sold for $30,200 at NameJet.

The last one is that was sold for $18,200 at NameJet.




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